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Does GDB offer a guarantee?

Genesis Design & Build does offer a 12-month no quibble guarantee to put you at peace of mind.

What is the difference between a first and second fix?

When it comes to refurbishments, the first fix is everything that happens between laying down your foundations and finishing your plastering.

It will probably include:

  • constructing floors, ceilings, and walls,

  • inserting electrical cables

  • adding pipes for water supply

The second fix refers to everything that comes after plastering has finished.

This may include:

  • connecting up electrical fixtures

  • adding in sinks and baths

  • fitting doors into door frames

What if I get a water leak?

To help minimise water damage to your property, it is advised to turn off your mains water supply at the stopcock. This is usually located under the kitchen sink.

Get in touch with Genesis Design & Build. We may be able to get a plumber to your location in 24 hours.